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In February 2022, Kateryna Skibska, GM of DOPOMOGA Ukraine, became a certified specialist that conducts professional personnel testing according to the HOGAN system.

Advantages of HOGAN system:

HOGAN is a method for employee development and evaluation developed by Dr. Robert Hogan in the 1970s in the USA. It sets world standards for the personnel assessment to this day, too. The approach uses questionnaires. It relatively detailed and accurately determines the efficiency and productivity of a potential employee in a future position. This helps the company to minimize financial and time costs.

3/4 of Fortune 500 companies regularly use this valuation technique.

In 2020, Dr. Robert Hogan received the RHR International Award for Achievement in Counseling Psychology at the annual Society of Counseling Psychology conference.

Who HOGAN assessment is suitable for?

international enterprise

businesses with wide territorial representation

multidisciplinary holding company or system company

organization with a specified vision of its business goal and a ready solution to achieve it

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