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DOPOMOGA UKRAINE has been founded. It became the business for recruiting highly-professional personnel of three levels: Top and Middle Managers, and Specialists.

The first regional office has been opened (Lviv branch). Later, filial branches in Donetsk, Dnipro, Kharkiv, Odesa, Uzhgorod, Simferopol and Zaporizhia have been launched, too.

Growing outside Ukraine. Offices in the Republic of Moldova and Russia have been opened.

DOPOMOGA UKRAINE launched a new business - DOPOMOGA it&telecom. Its specialization is recruiting and international relocation of IT staff.

We became an active social member. Have started a career guidance project for high-school students. Additionally, we started to share our experience in HR & Recruiting with students on various Ukrainian student platforms.

We became scientifically active. Stared to teach Personnel Recruiting in Kyiv National Economic University named after V.Hetman in the Department of HR and Labor Economics.

Our mission

Our mission is stated in our name - Dopomoga (form ukr. to help). DOPOMOGA UKRAINE operates to help our Clients become better.

Every day we do recruiting, only. We know all about it. With our help businesses actively involve effective and high-potential professionals in their teams.

Our Code of Ethics


During a negotiation process and an actual fulfilment of contract’s terms or any other tasks, all employees of DOPOMOGA UKRAINE act fairly and openly. We diligently follow professional standards of work with our Clients and Candidates.

We believe that trilateral trusting interaction guarantees brilliant results.


Our employees professionally and impartially assess Candidates’ possibilities and motives. In DOPOMOGA UKRAINE an assessment consists of several stages, where the final stage is a recommendations’ check. After that, the final decision is made on the complete coincidence of the expectations of the Client and the Candidate.


All employees of DOPOMOGA UKRAINE are responsible for all information received from our Clients and Candidates. Confidential information is used only on a working need on terms agreed between the parties.

Avoiding conflicts of interest

All our employees operate in a way that does not provoke conflicts of interests neither between Clients, nor Candidates. In the case of potential conflict, members have to inform all other parties about a possible violation immediately and agree on further actions.

Our business principles

Our Team is our goodwill

Nowadays, family businesses feel as good as big corporations. Thus, we take an opportunity to employ young, dynamic, high-potential specialists with values similar to the values of our organization. We create an environment that opens the talents of our employees and gives them an ability to grow. We seek for employees that take the company’s goal as their own. In this way, we get a strong team spirit, that is able to resist any resistance for the sake of relentless movement forward. The movement where each of us and we, as a single organism, are improving.

Our Clients is our inspiration and stimulus to work hard

We have been united to a like-minded team for our Clients. We make our joint intellectual, physical and emotional efforts to achieve greater results. Create personnel solutions for businesses on any stage of development. We perform tasks equally well and are as useful as possible for both multinational and newborn organizations.

We want our Clients to feel calm and easy.

Our Candidates is our responsibility

The Candidates get an opportunity for a career growth and relocation. They can realize their dreams and abilities from day to day, from year to year.

The main requirement is to find a match between Client’s and Candidate’s expectations.

Our Competitors is our additional mover forward

We advocate for a monopolistic competition. We respect our colleagues and adhere to the legislation "On the Protection of Economic Competition".

We avoid price collusion with our competitors and do not abuse our dominant market position.

Company's news

Company news

Dopomoga Ukraine became involved in the Ukrainian-British Master of Business Administration program.

Company news

We are pleased to announce the beginning of our collaboration with Business Academy CASE STUDY. Dopomoga Ukraine is launching our updated online-course “Executive Search” on CASE STUDY platform.

Company news

DOPOMOGA Ukraine became a certified specialist in HOGAN personnel assessment system. The system aims to increase productivity and effectiveness of your team…  

Company news

Christmas and New Year Eve is the time when a whole family gathers together. In 2020, our DOPOMOGA Ukraine family gathered in our home kitchens to make a festive dinner together.

Company news

We noticed that organizations prefer to recruit a ready-made specialist with experience rather than a student. Do you need some tips on how to attract the attention of employers, if you are still a student?