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We are pleased to announce that Dopomoga Ukraine and Business Academy CASE STUDY have started to work together towards reaching a common goal: a highly skilled, growing labor market.

Online training platform CASE STUDY is for:

Now our legendary Executive Search program from the GM of Dopomoga Ukraine Kateryna Skibska has appeared on the CASE STUDY platform. We will teach you how to find rare top level professionals.

Also, we want to thank the founder of CASE STUDY Academy Lana Solntseva for supporting and creating a unique platform.

Executive Search training is for:

Recruiters with 1+ years of experience who want to close vacancies of specialized and managerial specialists more professionally

Managers who independently engage key specialists in their teams

Novice recruiters want to master Executive Search technology

HR executives who want to incorporate the technology into the recruitment process

Want to master the Executive Search method and quickly find Top-level specialists into your team?

Join us!

Career counseling

In this article, we give you up-to-date advice on how to write and design the perfect CV.