Recruitment agencies provide services of search and selection of employees and other related services to employers. It is an intermediate on the labor market.

First professional recruiting agencies started to operate in Ukraine in the early 90th. From year to year, the number of new operations increases, as to create a recruiting business you do not need large financial investments. This creates an illusion of easy money.

However, a lack of service quality, price dumping, devaluation of recruiter’s labor, insufficient advertising support and inability to conduct business in a highly competitive market, lead to a rapid closure of most of the agencies.

There are 4 main types of HR companies in Ukraine:

  1. Executive Search agencies
  2. Recruiting agencies
  3. Temporary Staffing agencies
  4. Specialized agencies

Operations can differ by scale:

  • network
  • medium-sized
  • boutique

Advantages of a network recruitment company:

  • has branches throughout the territory of work
  • operates in several counties
  • can work on vacancies without interruption
  • quickly responds to any client's requests
  • enables to form a project team to complete a large-scale project
  • allows you to attract specialists from around the globe

Features of a medium-sized operation:

  • can be universal or have several specialized departments
  • has restricted number of simultaneous vacancies
  • is oriented on “one type” vacancies
  • has more individual relationships to each client

Pros of boutique agencies:

These agencies specialized in one area. Specialists in a boutique agency know a specific area of ​​business thoroughly. They can provide high-quality professional advice.

When to apply for a service?

  • you need to recruit personnel urgently
  • your HR department is overwhelmed
  • there is a need to compare a professional level of internal and external candidates
  • you need to recruit a narrow-profile specialist from specific enterprises who do not respond to job ads
  • a search has to be done on the territories of other countries or regions
  • you need to search and select personnel confidentially
  • internal recruiter lacks of experience
  • to reduce your expenses

How to select a recruitment company?

Try to select your perfect recruitment agency according to your needs, budgets, supplier selection policies.

The main criteria of selection:

  • agencies’ professional rating
  • reviews of clients, candidates and former employees
  • a duration of the agency's operation
  • recommendations from your colleagues
  • quality and amount of vacancies published by a company

You can determine an agency's specialization and duration of work on vacancies by analyzing its vacancies.

Pay attention to the specifics of pricing in the agency. Namely:

  • pricing flexibility
  • price justification
  • services included in the price
  • payment terms and penalties policy

Is there a financial risk to cooperate with an HR agency?

In most of the cases, recruiting services are postpaid. You pay after a candidate starts to work. In case, an agency provides a sufficient guarantee period, you minimize risks as much as possible.

What can I get when working with DOPOMOGA UKRAINE?

We will help you to attract the right employee in the most promptly time period.

DOPOMOGA Ukraine helps its clients in:

  • search and selection of strong, reliable candidates that are in a passive job search. So, you cannot reach them without our help;
  • conducting an independent assessment of our client's brand;
  • conducting an independent assessment of the competitiveness of wages in the client's organization;
  • comparative analysis among companies in a similar field of activity.
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