allows you to expand your horizonsallows you to expand your horizonsReferral recruiting enables recruiters to attract as many quality candidates as possible. This helps to avoid hiring mistakes.


Successful examples of applying a technique of referral recruiting:

  • The Dean of the Department of Human Resources Management recommended a student who was excellent in his subjects and fluent in German. We offered him a junior recruiter position and recommended to our client. The young specialist gained new skills, climbed the corporate ladder, and has been appointed as a General Manager in 20 years.
  • An Owner of an IT business recommended an IT specialist that was working for him for a while and has proven himself well.
  • The Chief Accountant recommended an accountant with skills, knowledge and functionality necessary for our client.

Referral recruiting in a technique that perfectly complements a classical approach of recruiting. Referral recruiting - focused on a quick attraction of the most suitable candidates.

By using classical approach you need:

  • to review dozens of CVs on job portals;
  • to carry out the selection stages;
  • check recommendations from previous jobs to make sure you made the right decision.

Difference between referral and classical recruiting (step by step)

Classical method (by steps)

  • Post a job advertisement on job portals.
  • Check the resume base.
  • Evaluate and select candidates.
  • Check recommendations.

Referral method (by steps)

  • Brainstorm. Think about who can know a perfect candidate.
  • Ask these people for an advice.
  • Get to know potential candidates.
  • Conduct assessment activities.

Classical technique is more time consuming, if there are no candidates available in the public domain. As a vacancy ad can hang on the Internet for months.

By using referral recruiting, you get an additional bonus.

Usually, recommended candidates are in a passive job search. It means that they get along better in companies, and potentially increase your success. Also, often, recommended candidates do not need extra motivation with “goodies” and are able to take on new challenges. It is much more important for them to influence a business and see results of their work.

Such specialists are valuable assets for any company.

Advantages of using referral recruiting

  • it enables to find right candidates in a short period of time;
  • professionalism and dedication of specialists found using this method are higher than average;
  • the propensity of candidates to move to a new job is below average.

Why is referral recruiting not used in all recruitment cases?

The key thing for a successful search and selection through referral technique is to gain the trust of a person we are asking for advice. You need to:

  • Be able to start a conversation.
  • Be able to listen.
  • Evoke empathy.
  • Be empathetic.

Additionally, you need to be able to gain the trust of a recommended specialist. After all, the dialogue is most often built as a conversation-advice or a conversation-reflection.


Recommended specialists will need more time to think about an offer. Thus, continue to expand the circle of acquaintances with new target candidates. But, do not forget to keep the contacts gained!

Why referral recruiting fails?

  • ask of a recruiter’s courage. Difficulties to ask for an advice;
  • lack of persistence. Continue to knock on all target doors;
  • tightness and lack of creativity. Difficulties in recognizing target doors.

Referral recruiting allows to expand horizons for HR specialists and make a name in the circles of professionals.

Do you still need to conduct an assessment when applying the method of referral recruiting?

Our answer - Yes, you do. Assessment of motivation, personal and professional qualities is mandatory for making a hiring decision.

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Professionals will recommend you professionals. Try out this method. Learn, develop and start reaching out to candidates who are not looking for a job, but who can turn out to be the most valuable talent for your client.

Remember, the professionals in your organization are those who know the ideal candidates. Work with them and involve in your team.
They will like it, for sure ;)


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